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Murphy Location
194 Peachtree Street
Murphy, NC 28906


Peyton and Edythe G. Ivie opened Ivie Funeral Home on February 19, 1934. For three years, they rented space in the Regal Hotel building. They operated a furniture store in the front and a funeral parlor in the back. In 1937, Peyton Ivie purchased the property at 307 Valley River Avenue. The property underwent several additions and renovations but remained in use until 1993. In 1993, Grier Ivie opened the current facility at 194 Peachtree Street.



Hayesville Location
67 US Hwy 69
Hayesville, NC 28904


In April of 1940, Ivie Funeral Home opened serving the people of Clay County. Peyton Ivie relocated the Hayesville facility to its present location in 1953 and added a chapel in 1976. Extensive renovation work was completed by Grier Ivie in 2002.



Andrews Location
126 Cherry Street
Andrews, NC 28901


In 1946, Peyton and Edythe Ivie bought and remodeled the former Forsythe-Watkins Funeral Home in Andrews. A chapel was added in 1964. Grier Ivie completed renovation in 2000.